Forecast of solar radiation at the receiver of a solar power tower.

CIESOL responsiva

Ministerio de Economa y Competitividad.






  • Grupo de Inv. “Recursos Energético Solares y Climatología”. Universidad de Almería (TEP-165)


It is crucial to have an accurate forecast of the DNI levels reaching the SPT receiver, which affects not only the plant operation but the energy price market.

The project goal is to produce a short-term forecast of the DNI reaching the SPT receiver. To this end, we propose to forecast the DNI arriving to the heliostat field and develop techniques to determine and forecast the reflected solar radiation attenuation on its path to the receiver.


  • Ground direct solar radiation estimation using satellite images.
  • Ground direct solar radiation estimation using sky camera images.
  • Design, implementation and execution of a real-time system, for synchronous data collection from ceilometer, visibilimeter and radiation.
  • Installation, orientation and starting of CCD cameras. Design and implementation of algorithms for image collection and processing.
  • Development of an atmospheric modeling system in the nearest layers to surface, using techniques based on the extinction coefficient obtained with data from ceilometer, visibilimeter and CCD cameras. Comparison of results of both methodologies.
  • Design, implementation and development of a system for predicting direct radiation one hour-ahead, combining estimation and prediction studies of radiation with developments concerning to atmospheric attenuation.
  • Evaluation of solar radiation prediction with measured data from radiometric station.
  • Design of a user interface with a corresponding implementation of control algorithms and data processing, where radiation forecasting is presented in real-time in the central tower solar thermal plants.