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The staff of the Unit is made up of researchers from the Department of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Almeria and the Unit of Solar Water Treatments from the Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT). The collaboration between the two centres dates back to 1998, the year in which the first joint work is published. Since then the group has been actively involved in national and international projects and has more than 40 joint publications. Currently, members of both centres are part of the research group "Environmental Analysis and Water Treatment (FQM-374)" of the Andalusian Research Plan (PAI).


The activity of the group is focused on the development, optimization and analytical assessment of advanced wastewater treatment processes applied to complex effluents in order to get their regeneration and enable their possible reuse. The strategic lines of action include:

  • Development of advanced analytical methods for characterizing complex effluents and its application to monitoring of organic micropollutants during wastewater treatment to ensure its elimination.

  • Identification of transformation products generated during wastewater treatments and establishment of routes of degradation.

  • Study of the influence of treatments on the quality of reclaimed water and evaluating the impact of their reuse in agriculture.


Ana Agüera López -  Scopus Author ID 6701415534

Full professor at the University of Almeria. Degree in Chemistry (1987). PhD in Chemistry (1995). She has more than 25 years of experience working in the development and validation of analytical method based on chromatographic technique coupled to mass spectrometry for the analysis of organic contaminants in food and environmental matrices. She has participated in 21 national and international competitive R&D Projects. She is co-author of 2 patents and 120 scientific publications in indexed international journals (h-index = 48, January 2017). She has also co-authored more than 150 conference papers, 3 books and 11 book chapters, and has participated in the organization of 7 international conferences. She has supervised 7 doctoral theses.


Isabel Oller Alberola -  Scopus Author ID: 8415190600

Researcher at the Solar Treatment of Water Unit at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT), degree in Chemical Engineering (2002) and PhD in Chemical Engineering (2008). Dr. Isabel Oller scientific career is focused in the industrial and urban wastewater treatment and reuse by using advanced oxidation processes (with and without solar energy) and their combination with physic-chemical pre-treatment systems and advanced biological processes. She has developed this activity under her participation in several I+D national and European Projects (5th, 6th & 7th EU Framework programs). Her scientific production it is worthy to mention she is author of 1 National Editorial book and co-author of 10 International Editorial books chapters. Furthermore, she is co-author of 87 publications in indexed scientific international journals and 270 contributions to different International Congresses and Symposiums (until January 2017). She has also participated as teacher in some national and international curses and masters related with Advanced Treatment of Wastewater. H-index (March 2017): 30.


Ana Agüera López
Isabel Oller Alberola
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