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CIN/1729/2011 07/2012 12/2014
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07/2013 12/2015
Zero Carbon Resorts towards Sustainable Development of the Tourism Sector in the Philippines and Thailand (ZCR2) 05/2014 04/2018
Agroindustrial effluents valorization through the use of microalgae to obtain bio-products (PURALGA) RTA 2013-00056-C03 09/2014 09/2017
Control and energy management strategies in production environments with support of renewable energy (ENERPRO) Subproject title: Efficient energy control and management of solar thermal desalination systems (EFFERDESAL) 01/2015 12/2017
Valorization of wastewater with microalga-bacteria consortia (EDARSOL) CTQ2014-57293-C3 01/2015 12/2017
Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis (RED-Heat-to-Power) 05/2015 04/2019
Processing of brewery wastes with microalgae for producing valuable compounds (GREENBIOREFINERY) 10/2015 09/2018
Production of bacteria for use in agriculture soil fertility ehnancers and as anti-pathogen protective agents. (BACAGRO) 10/2015 09/2017
Development of a biological upgrading technology for the production of biometan in agroindustrial environments (GREENUPGAS) ITC-20151346 01/2016 12/2017
Water saving for solar concentrated power (WASCOP) 01/2016 02/2020
Networking for excellence in solar thermal energy research (NESTER) 01/2016 12/2018
Bioplastics production from carbon capture in household waste incineration fumes (SETEC) 05/2016 05/2017
Efficient technology for biomethanization of biogas (METINGREEN) 06/2016 12/2017
Resource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies (REWACEM) 10/2016 10/2019
Biorefineria a pequea escala de aplicacin in-situ en entornos rurales con actividad mixta agrcola y ganadera (BIOREFINA) 11/2016 11/2018
Sustainable algae biorefinery for agriculture and aquaculture (SABANA) 12/2016 11/2020