Functional Units | Solar Resources and Solar Cooling

Solar Resource Assessment and Solar Cooling unit is composed of the members of the groups “Solar Energy Resources Assessment and Climatology (TEP165)” and “Interdisciplinary Group of Complex Fluids (FQM230). TEP 165 is a stable group since its creation in 1997 within the Andalusian Research Plan of Junta de Andalucía, being responsible since its founding Francisco Javier Batlles Garrido. The group has been considered on numerous occasions as an Excellence Group within the Andalusian Research Plan. It is composed of Ph.D. teachers from Applied Physics area and Computer Languages and Systems area, and three research fellows also Ph.D. FQM230 group was created in 1995, and its research lines are focused on the study of complex fluids. It is currently composed of seven Ph.D., all of them from the Applied Physics area, and it is directed by Manuel Servando Romero Cano.



  • Modeling and control of thermosolar plants.

  •  Evaluation and forecast of solar resource.

  • Teledetection.

  • Sky camera.

  • Optimization of the sky cameras.

  • Design and optimization of solar thermal cooling and heating systems.

  • Design and optimization of air-conditioning system coupled with shallow geothermal systems and ground-coupled heat exchanger.

  • Design and optimization of trigeneration systems.

  • Integration of the solar thermal and photovoltaic energy in the construction, warehouses or greenhouses.

  • Thermal energy storage through phase change materials.



Francisco Javier Batlles Garrido  -  Scopus Author ID 6602731047

He received his physics degree and the Ph.D. from the University of Granada, Spain, in 1986 and 1995, respectively. He is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Almería, Almería, Spain. Since the beginning, he is the head of the research group “Solar Resource Assessment and Climatology” at the University of Almería. Member of the Scientific and Technological Evaluation Commission of Andalusia, within Andalusian Research Plan, from 2002 to 2005.  International Evaluator of the National Accreditation Commission of Chile. His research interests include evaluation and forecast of the solar resource, design and optimization of the solar thermal cooling and heating systems. Professor Francisco Javier Batlles Garrido has been the Main Researcher in 7 projects of the Research National Plan, and 1 of the European Community. He has been the Main Researcher of 10 research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and contracts with different companies such as GEMASOLAR 2006, S.L., Torresol Energy O & M, S.A, Solar Millennium, German Aerospace Centre. He has authored and co-authored over 60 articles in international journals, about 150 conference papers, both national and international, as well as a National Book. He has directed 8 doctoral theses.