Thermal energy storage with phase change materials for solar cooling and Heating Aplications: A technology viability analysis (PCMSOL)

CIESOL responsiva

Comissión Europea (ERANET-LAC Joint call 2015-2016), MINECO






  • Universidad de Almería (España)

  • Universidad de Antofagasta (Chile)

  • Universidad Politécnica de Wroclaw (Polonia)

  • Universidad de Cochabamba (Bolivia)

  • Phase Change Technologies, S.L. (España)


Project PCMSOL is a coordinated project with the University of Antofagasta (Chile), Technical University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Cochabamba (Bolivia), and the company Phase Change Technologies, S.L. The project is intended to develop and test new phase change materials for the storage of thermal energy in a cooling/heating system based on solar energy. Due to the time mismatch between solar radiation and energy demand, this kind of technology requires the storage of energy. In our case, energy is saved in the form of thermal energy using materials with the liquid-solid phase transition in the appropriate temperature range. For winter, the phase transition should take place around 50ºC, while the phase transition temperature is sought around 5ºC for the summer mode. In this project, we intend to study in the first place different materials that could be used for thermal storage. The materials must be characterized chemical and thermally, and using numerical simulations the kinetics of the melting is studied, to model the required storage system for a model building. Finally, storage tanks will be tested in CIESOL, to perform a viability analysis of the storage system based on phase change materials.


  • Find new materials with potential use for thermal energy storage in both the winter and the summer mode (heating and cooling).
  • Characterize the materials and model the kinetics of melting.
  • Estimate a storage system for a cooling/heating system based on solar energy.
  • Install the storage tanks and study the viability of the whole system.