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CIESOL responsiva
MACROBIO DPI2011-27818-C02 01/2011 12/2014
Simulation and control of thermosolar plants with parabolic troughs in industrial and refrigeration applications P10-RNM-5927 03/2011 03/2015
Control of greenhouse crop growth optimizing sustainability and economic criteria P10-TEP-6174 03/2011 03/2016
Innovative configuration for a fully renewable hybrid CSP Plant (HYSOL) 01/2013 12/2015
Advanced model of greenhouse crop production 01/2014 06/2015
Commissioning and technical and energy evaluation of a novel hybrid thermal generation loop (solar and biomass) for air conditioning in semi-closed greenhouses. 09/2014 06/2015
(ENERPRO) Control and energy management strategies in production environments with support of renewable energy DPI2014-56364-C2-R 01/2015 12/2017
PROBIOREN Control and optimization for the biomass production from microalgae as renewable energy source DPI2014-55932-C2-1-R 01/2015 12/2017
Advice in the development of a methodology for inside greenhouse climate modeling using exogenous environmental conditions 02/2015 06/2016
Development of a Decision Support System tool for climate, production and cost management applied to a polygon of greenhouses 09/2015 12/2016
OPTICONES: Multi-objective optimization of air conditioning and lighting systems for comfort achievement in sustainable buildings 09/2015 09/2016
3DCOAST: Spatial monitoring of vulnerable coastal reas through remotely controlled aerial platforms 09/2015 02/2016
Internet of Food and Farm IoF2020 01/2017 12/2020